What is NAFO?

NAFO, or The North Atlantic Fella Organization, is a global volunteer organization that uses humor, satire and fact-checking to combat Russian propaganda and disinformation, both domestically and internationally. In addition, NAFO is also dedicated to collections in support of Ukraine. Thanks to decentralization and volunteerism, each member contributes according to their possibilities, abilities and discretion. The members, who are called "Fellas", are a diverse group of people of all professions. On social networks, they are characterized by a Shiba Inu dog and are united by a common goal - fighting in the information war and supporting Ukraine. The total number of members is estimated in the tens of thousands. At the moment, NAFO is primarily active on the social network Twitter (X).

How does NAFO work?

How does NAFO work?

After identifying Russian propaganda or pro-Russian sympathizers, NAFO responds to the post with funny memes or quick fact-checking. Rather than debunking the Russian lie in detail, they use memes and humor to troll and confuse the Russian narrative, which is extremely effective. If it is possible to ridicule the originator of the lie, it can be much more effective than the fight against the lie itself. NAFO is so effective in its use of humor because it does not hesitate to make fun of itself. When Russian propaganda accused NAFO members of being paid by the CIA, many NAFO members responded by adding information to their profile that they were located in Langley (CIA headquarters).


NAFO: North Atlantic Fella Organization - paraphrase of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).
Fella: Member of NAFO, more information on how to become a member in section xxx
Bonking: Organized attack with memes  and reporting on a pro-Russian post on a social network.
#Article 5: Used as a call to arms for other NAFO members. If any of the members comes across unacceptable Russian propaganda or needs to get the attention of others, they will use this tag in a Tweet as a call for support.
Follow a Fella Friday (FFF): Fellas follow each other. Some Fellas follow any Fella who starts following them, but this is at everyone's discretion. If Fella comes across someone they want to follow, they will start following them no matter what day it is. FFF is intended to expand the circle of followers and to support other Fellas. If possible, Fellas should start tracking at least one other Fella on Friday.
Toonie Tuesday: One of the important segments that NAFO deals with is fundraising and fundraising support. Collections are presented or made visible during Toonie Tuesday. Fellas donate to fundraisers as they can, if possible Fellas will donate to a Toonie Tuesday fundraiser (no donation is too small and every single one matters).
Vatnik: Designation for followers of Russian government propaganda.
You pronounced this nonsense, not me: This sentence was uttered by the unintentional popularizer of NAFO - Russian ambassador Mikhail Ulyanov, (more info in xxx) when he started a discussion with NAFO members on Twitter, which resulted in his shameful temporary withdrawal from twitter.
Boost: A way to increase the reach / visibility of a post. How to do it right: the best boost to increase reach: Retweet, possibly quote the tweet and like. Moreover, if you decide to reply to a tweet, it’s best to use an image accompanied by at least a full sentence.
Vatniksoup: Regular posts by Pekka Kallioniemi, in which he points out the connection of personalities from various spheres of public life to the Russian government.
Ragedonate: The act of donating to any fundraiser after Russia has committed another crime against humanity or war crime. Literally - donating due to getting angry.
CIA: Russian propaganda has accused NAFO of not being a volunteer civilian activity, but of being a CIA operation. While NAFO decided to respond with humor, some of the members added to their bio information that they work at Langley, VA (CIA headquarters) and proudly claim affiliation with the CIA, again / whilst confusing the supporters of the Russian regime.
Tankie: Supporter of the policies of the Soviet Union or other authoritarian socialist governments. See also vatnik.